7 Notion Widgets For 2024 [Aesthetic & Functional Standouts]

Notion has one of the fastest growing communities supporting it--which means a vibrant ecosystem of creators, contributing templates, tools and add-ons to enrich an already powerful tool.

One of the most exciting corners of the Notion creator ecosystem describes a savvy collection of indie hackers and teams producing dedicated Notion widgets and add-ons. In this post, I'll do my best to highlight some of the standouts in this Notion widget category--along with providing a bit of a directory to help you sort and track them for your own use.

Best Notion Widgets & Collections For 2023

  1. Indify;
  2. Apption;
  3. WidgetBox;
  4. Flotion;
  5. Notion Charts (by NotionVIP);
  6. Widgets.so; and
  7. Tally.

1. Indify

One of the first to establish themselves as a Notion widget provider, Indify's widget collection is aesthetically lovely and creative all-at-once. With widgets for:

  • Google Calendar;
  • Life Progress Bar;
  • Quotes;
  • Counter; and
  • Clock

You can easily spice up any Notion workspace by simply embedding an Indify Notion widget. 100% free to use, you can get started with Indify here.

2. Apption

Apption acts as something of a live marketplace for Notion widgets, listing various projects from across the web to help you test out and use new widgets as they arrive on the scene.

Some favorites include:

  • Weather Widget;
  • Pomodoro TODO;
  • Spotify Embed; and
  • Aura Clock.

3. WidgetBox

WidgetBox provides another library of common and useful widgets for aesthetically-inclined Notion users, such as:

  • Page views counter;
  • Like button;
  • Upvoting button;
  • Weather widgets;
  • Everyday quotes;
  • Buttons; and
  • Birthday countdowns.

Many of the widgets are available on their free plan, or you can upgrade for just $1.99/mo to access the full library.

4. Flotion

A more business-oriented solution on this list of Notion add-ons, Flotion gives you a library of business building blocks--like pre-made content calendars, client portals, eisenhowers matrices and product databases--right inside your Notion pages.

It sits in a left-hand menu kind of like an 'extra editor' on each Notion page, letting you drag and drop pre-built 'components' into place, so that you don't need to waste time setting up each and every element of your workspace from scratch. With Flotion, you can build entire content systems, product roadmaps, and more in under an hour (where it might otherwise take a few days of YouTube-ing and Googling!).

You can learn more about Flotion and how it can help you build your own Notion workspaces, here.

5. Notion Charts (by NotionVIP)

NotionVIP's charting add-on gives you an easy way to display data visualizations directly inside your Notion pages. With options for:

  • Bar charts;
  • Line charts;
  • Pie charts; and
  • Area charts

You can use the Notion Charts add-on to display all sorts of data in an easily digestible way right inside your Notion workspace. You can get started with the free version here, or upgrade to Pro for even more features and customization options.

(I've recently published an article going into more depth on Notion Chart options, give it a read if this is a topic you're interested in!)

6. Widgets.so

Widgets.so is a new tool from Notion creator Yudax--you might have seen some of his work across Notion Twitter!--and promises to be a special one.

You can learn more about WidgetBox here.

7. Tally

Tally has now established itself as the go-to solution for forms inside of Notion. Want someone to be able to sign-up for your newsletter from within your Notion pages? Tally can help with that.

With an incredibly simple and friendly user interface, it's no wonder this Notion add-on is growing into a dedicated business solution of its own--all on top of a growing and avidly curious Notion community.

You can learn more about Tally and their solutions here.

How do I add custom widgets to Notion?

For most of the solutions listed above, adding custom widgets to Notion is as simple as copy-pasting the embed link given. For widgets like calendars, counters and clocks, it really is that simple.

Others, like NotionCharts, may ask you to link your Notion account and tables to the tool for it to work properly--but typically, this is a very straightforward process and doesn't require any advanced technical skills!

Is Indify for Notion free?

Yes! Indify is 100% free to use, simply sign up with an email address, create your account and customize your Notion widgets to get started :)

How do I embed Spotify in Notion?

  1. Right-click on any song in Spotify Web Player;
  2. Find the ‘Share’ sub-menu;
  3. Hit ‘Embed Track’
  4. Hit ‘COPY’
  5. Create an ‘embed’ in the template widget, then paste the link.
  6. Enjoy 🎶

You can also visit our free Notion Embeds widget and select the Spotify '+' to add your own!

How do you add weather to Notion?

Indify, WidgetBox and Apption all have simple, user-friendly embed options to add weather widgets to your Notion pages. Simply:

  1. Copy the embed link from any of those websites;
  2. Paste it into the Notion page you'd like it to appear on;
  3. Select 'Paste as embed' from the menu that opens up when you paste in Notion; and
  4. Voila! You should now have a cute weather widget in your Notion page :)


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