Notion for Runners.: Ultimate Guide (2024)

For runners, tracking progress, conditions, and schedules is crucial to improvement and achieving goals. Notion emerges as a customizable and efficient way to organize all aspects of a runner’s routine. In this guide, we'll explore how runners can use Notion to stay on track and stride towards success.

Ways To Use Notion For Runners

  • Training Logs: Record your runs, track distances, times, and workout details to observe progress over time.
  • Race Planning: Organize upcoming races, set goals, and manage travel and accommodation details for race events.
  • Nutrition and Hydration Tracking: Keep tabs on your diet and water intake to ensure optimal performance during training and races.

Best Notion Templates For Runners

  • Notion Project Management Template: Utilize this template to plan and manage your training schedules, cross-training, and rest days. Coordinate your fitness journey at Project Management Template.
  • Notion User Persona Template: While typically used for marketing purposes, this template can be adapted to set and track fitness personas and goals. Visualize your progress and targets with User Persona Template.
  • Notion Content OS Template: If you're a running coach or enthusiast sharing content, plan and manage your running blogs, video tutorials, or social posts. Organize your content efficiently at Content OS Template.

Key Notion Features For Runners

  • Calendar Interface: Visualize your training cycles, plan your running days, and arrange your race schedule efficiently with Notion’s calendar view.
  • Database Functionality: Create a database for workout logs, monitor progress for various running metrics, and connect them with goal planning.
  • Mobile App: The Notion mobile app is perfect for on-the-go updates to your training log right after your runs.

Tips & Best Practices Using Notion For Runners

Maintain a simple, clutter-free structure to keep the focus on training, not on managing a complicated system. Customize your templates for ease of data entry, and regularly review your activities and achievements to stay motivated and informed. Share your training logs with coaches or running peers for accountability and advice.


  • Q: Can I integrate my running app data with Notion? A: Notion doesn't currently support direct syncing with running apps, but data can be manually input or linked to in your Notion pages.
  • Q: Is Notion suitable for managing running groups or clubs? A: Yes, Notion's collaborative features make it great for running groups to share schedules, resources, and progress.
  • Q: How can Notion help me with race day preparation? A: Use Notion to create checklists for race day preparations, from nutrition plans to gear checks, ensuring you're well-prepared.


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