7 Notion Business Plan Templates For 2024

The days of Microsoft and Google suite are fast falling behind us—instead, many businesses are choosing to plan and run their operations in Notion. This is exciting; as a tool, Notion gives you far more flexibility to plan, implement and assess your business, all in one place. Starting from a Notion business plan template (or from scratch) lets you link various workspaces, business areas, goals, tasks, documents and databases—in ways that used to require 3 or 4 or 5 tools previously.

The downside is, the ecosystem around Notion for businesses is still in its infancy. Where you’ll find literally thousands of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel templates for most business frameworks—the Notion template space is still on the up and up.

In this post, I’ll outline 7 Notion business planning templates you can use to help you:

  1. Set clear objectives, plan key projects and track progress;
  2. Stay on top of client projects;
  3. Brainstorm, plan and write content campaigns;
  4. Manage your finances in Notion;
  5. Understand your ideal personas;
  6. Plan and create digital products; and
  7. Consolidate it all in one single template.

Let’s get into the list.

1. Landmark OS

Landmark OS is a clean and powerful setup that lets you store all your business systems in one single Notion workspace. One of the main issues with using Notion for business (whether those be full-time or side hustles) is the sheer number of pages and workspaces that need to be organized and linked together.

This template lets you store everything in one simple side navigation, using toggle lists to clear up space and keep the menu tidy and minimal. Everything in Landmark OS is sorted into a few simple categories:

  • Key Activities (for daily and weekly planning, projects & goals);
  • Marketing (to store all your distribution channels and content);
  • Interactions (contacts, pipelines and user journey planning);
  • Revenue model (fine tune your offerings, products and revenue streams);
  • Performance (to keep track of how you're doing);
  • Systems (for checklists and workflows); and
  • Notes & research

If you're a freelancer, small business owner or starting a new project of your own--I'd highly recommend taking a look at Landmark OS to be your business' base hub.

2. Freelancer OS

If your business is client-facing, or you work as a freelancer or contractor, there are countless business areas to stay on top of. Planning them all out in a written word doc can be helpful--but at the end of the day, it isn't going to help you stay on top of all the things that need doing.

To help you stay on top of your client projects, the Freelancer OS Notion template lets you create a separate workspace and track all your clients. You can add notes on project briefs, set deadlines for tasks, upload files and update statuses—all from one central hub.

It includes a contacts database, projects timelines, client portals, financials dashboard and a prospecting pipeline to help you develop your leads over time. For freelancers using Notion to stay on top of things, you can learn more about the Freelancer OS here.

3. Content Planner 2.0

If your business runs online, chances are content should be a significant piece of the plan.  Whether you’re planning a content calendar, writing blog posts or creating ebooks, th can help you stay on top of your various channels.

Whether you’re creating content for social media or email marketing campaigns, this template will help you plan out each piece of content, set deadlines and track the status of every item.

There's also an analytics section to help you get a quick overview of how your website content is performing.

4. Notion Budget & Finances Hub

Staying on top of your money has typically been a job for spreadsheets and physical notebooks. Spreadsheets are, however much you try to spruce them up and make them pretty, rather dull and boring creations. Enter: Notion.

This Budgeting & Finances Hub makes full use of colored boards and grouped tables to help you quickly (and visually) breakdown common spending and earning groups. You can see your expenses grouped by category, break them down by status, and even view upcoming items in a calendar view.

While it's packed with formulas and filtered dashboards, this system feels lean and simple with just 5 main pages to navigate, and a simple way to archive past items.

If you're planning your finances and budget in Notion, you'll want to give this one a closer look.

5. User Persona Template

If you’re not quite sure who your ideal customer is, this template will help you figure it out. With sections for both buyer persona profiles and market research, you can develop a clear understanding of who you’re selling to, as well as any relevant insights you may need for future marketing or product development efforts.

List demographics, like age, city and industry, but also dive into the finer details of user pain points, blind spots, online behaviors and psychographic profiles.

6. Notion CRM 2.0

Whether it's managing personal relationships or work contacts, one of the fastest ways to build your very first app-like workspace in Notion is by creating a CRM. A CRM is just a marketing acronym of 'Customer Relationships Management'; but it really just refers to any system to help you keep track of your contacts, the people you know and those you're trying to get in touch with.

This Notion CRM setup lets you go a bit further than just store contacts in a database though. With it, you can create focused segments, lists and pipelines--letting you get very specific about your network.

There's also a section for Meetings; if you're using this for more personal catch-ups and coffees, you can use this calendar to schedule live events, video calls or hang-outs.

A very clean and minimal setup that packs a punch with many of Notion's advanced features--if you're managing your contacts and network in Notion, give this one a try :)

7. Agency OS

Featured in Notion's official template gallery, this Agency OS template system is intended for small digital marketing, SEO or creative agency teams; to help you plan campaigns, manage client portals and much much more.

Summing Up

Writing out a 50 page business plan used to be standard practice--in 2022, however, the more dynamic and iterative your business plan can be, the better.

Notion templates let you leverage Notion's powerful features, without needing to start from scratch. Get started with 85+ Notion business planning templates with a Landmark account, and start planning your business better in Notion, today.


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