14 Advanced Notion Templates For Work, Productivity & Business (2024)

Microsoft and Google have enjoyed a longstanding monopoly on day-to-day business and productivity tools; from Excel to Docs to Powerpoint, a staggering amount of office work is still done in just a few simple tools.

More recently, however, the search for an all-in-one solution that captures spreadsheets, docs, galleries, tables and more has led many to adopt Notion as their select software. And while the Notion ecosystem isn't yet as mature as that of the Microsoft and Google giants (Microsoft and Google software consulting are massive sub-industries in and of themselves!), it does have the advantage of growing at an exciting pace.

In this post, I'll try to help you navigate that emerging landscape of Notion templates for work. We'll cover 14 unique (and slightly more advanced) templates to help you get the most out of Notion as a tool to increase your productivity at work and in business.

Let's get into it.

Notion Templates For Work: The List

  1. CRM with pipeline and filters;
  2. Content calendar and planner;
  3. Email Marketing Hub;
  4. Meetings database;
  5. Eisenhower priority matrix;
  6. SWOT analysis matrix;
  7. Competitors analysis database;
  8. Business model canvas & Lean Canvas;
  9. SEO starter kit hub;
  10. Customer journey mapping workflow;
  11. User personas database and profile template;
  12. Invoice tracker database;
  13. Customizable client portal template;
  14. Objectives, actions and key projects (full closed-loop project management system)

Best Notion Templates For Work

1. Notion CRM with pipeline and filters

The first Notion template on our list is this handy CRM tool, which comes with a pre-built pipeline and filters to help you keep track of your sales process. This Notion CRM is based on the traditional "sales funnel" model, where leads enter at the top of the funnel and progress through various stages (e.g. not contacted, contact made, in conversation, etc.) until they become customers or are removed from the funnel.

What's nice about this Notion CRM in particular is that it comes with a few different views already set up: you can see your entire sales pipeline at once, or filtered views that only show leads or customers in a particular stage. There's also a range of filters to help you sort contacts by:

  • Type;
  • Source;
  • Status;
  • 'Good Fit'; and
  • Date added.

If you're looking for a Notion CRM template that's already set up and ready to use, this is a great option.

2. Notion Content Calendar and Planner

This Notion template is designed to help content creators (and teams) plan, organize, and track their content calendar all in one place. It includes pre-built dashboard views for blog posts, social media posts, video content, and more; and thanks to Notion's excellent text editor, you can write your full drafts for each piece of content right inside the database object--letting you sort and filter content by various useful properties like date, topic, media type, campaign and more.

The Notion Content Calendar also includes a section for tracking your progress on each piece of content, with columns for "Idea", "Writing", "Ready" and "Complete" This is a great way to make sure you're staying on track with your content goals, and it's also helpful for keeping team members up-to-date on the status of each project.

3. Notion Email Marketing Hub

This Notion template is designed to help email marketers plan, execute, and track their campaigns all in one place. It includes templates for planning campaigns, building email lists, writing emails, and measuring results; simply fill out the information for each step of the process and add it to the appropriate date on the calendar.

4. Notion Meetings Database

A simple database with a few pre-built meeting agendas, you can add this meetings component to any existing Notion workspace and integrate with your team's workflows quickly. It lets you store and archive meeting notes, start from pre-built agendas, list action items, and more.

5. Eisenhower Priority Matrix

Prioritizing tasks is an essential for any business; and it's hard to go past the Eisenhower framework for achieving this.  The Eisenhower Priority Matrix is a Notion template that allows you to place your tasks into one of four categories:

  • Important and urgent
  • Important, but not urgent
  • Urgent, but not important
  • Not important and not urgent

Once you've classified your task, you can then prioritize it accordingly; and the Notion template will track your progress over time.

This is an excellent way to ensure that you're always working on the most important tasks, and it's a great tool for time management.

6. SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a business planning tool that allows you to assess your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It's a helpful way to gain insights into your business, and it can be used to plan for future growth.

This Notion template includes sections for each of the four SWOT components, as well as a template generator button to add a fresh copy of the SWOT analysis framework as needed. Simply fill out the information for each section and use it to guide your business planning.

7. Competitor Analysis database (with profile template)

Inside the competitor analysis profile template, you'll find sections for:

  • Value proposition
  • Differentiator
  • Target customers
  • Target use cases
  • Key Features & Benefits
  • Price points
  • On-boarding flow
  • Design style
  • Company location, age and size
  • Standout clients
  • Marketing channels

Many of these are then listed as properties in the competitor analysis database--letting you get a quick high level overview of the market, while also allowing you to filter your competitors by things like size, type, and products offered.

8. Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a business planning tool that allows you to map out your company's value proposition, customer segments, channels, relationships, revenue streams, and costs. It's a helpful way to gain insights into your business, and it can be used to plan for future growth.

This Notion template includes sections for each of the nine Business Model Canvas components, as well as a template generator to create a fresh copy as needed (or to help you analyze multiple businesses or competitors).

9. SEO Starter Kit hub

This Notion template is designed to help you track your SEO progress and plan your SEO strategy. It includes sections for keyword research, competitor analysis, content planning, link building, and more. Simply fill out the information for each section and use it to guide your SEO planning.

10. Customer journey mapping workflow

The customer journey is one of the most critical things to understand in any business. This template includes a space for each stage of the customer journey, as well as various linked properties to help you brainstorm:

  • Use cases and scenarios
  • Key user actions
  • User endpoints
  • Keywords at each stage
  • Personas
  • Pain points and goals; and
  • A neat navigation menu to help you move between sections.

11. User personas database and profile template

This Notion template is designed to help you draft and modify your user personas and their characteristics. The database can be linked to various projects and related sections of your Notion workspaces, and the profile template includes properties like:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Pain points
  • Desired outcomes
  • Use Cases
  • Blind Spots
  • Online behaviors
  • Enjoys our offering because...
  • Responds best to...

12. Invoice tracker database

This Notion template provides a simple way to track your invoices and payments in Notion. Inside the database you'll find a pre-made Invoice Template which can be generated with every new item, then filled out as needed.

This database can be especially useful when linked to other aspects of your Notion setup; linking your Contacts database, for example, lets you connect specific invoices to contacts--so that over time you can track business history (and total value) with specific clients, or follow up on delayed invoices directly.

While you can export the invoice template as a PDF directly, you can also use your preferred invoicing tool and simply keep track of their status with this simple Notion invoice tracker.  

13. Customizable client portal template

Client portals are one of the most helpful use cases I've found for using Notion for work, and this template saves me hours on each new client project setup. The client portal includes workspaces for:

  • Projects
  • Actions
  • Shared docs
  • Passwords
  • Branding
  • Meetings
  • And a few background research databases

Generate a fresh client portal for each project, then invite your clients to the workspace to share progress asynchronously as the project develops.

14. Objectives, actions and key projects

And finally, if you need a neat system for linking together your high-level objectives with the key projects that will get you there, and the sub-tasks (actions) that need doing along the way; this template is a condensed solution to help you stay on track.

Get more out of Notion for your day-to-day work and business needs

With templates for everything from SEO planning to customer journey mapping, you can find a Notion template to help you with just about any task. Add any of the templates mentioned in this list to your own workspaces, free, by getting started with a Landmark member account, today.


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